Oral hygiene is paramount to long term oral health; the loss of a single tooth can have major impact in the function of all other teeth and also aesthetically. Our doctors at Generations Family Dental will go to great lengths to keep your natural teeth and restrain from tooth loss however in some cases an extraction is necessary. Our dentists will consult and x-ray to understand the best way to remove the tooth, and if it is complicated, an oral surgeon will be referred to you. After an extraction, there may be some discomfort and pain that the patient will experience, but these can be minimized with over the counter painkillers and ice packs applied to the face . If pain, swollenness, bleeding or fever is prolonged you need to contact our office immediately.


Some of the reasons extractions need to occur are;

  • Tooth is severely decayed
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Infections or abscesses
  • Orthodontic correction
  • Malpositioned teeth
  • Fractured teeth or roots
  • Impacted teeth
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