Financial Options

Smile Savings Program

Generations Family Dental’s preventative dental

care program, tailored to your needs.

For generations we have been tending to the dental needs of our communities, listening to our patients and hearing their concerns. Driven by a sincere commitment to improving our patient’s dental health, Generations Family Dental now offers a preventative dental care membership program that is tailored to our patients’ individual needs.


Pay only for the preventative dental care services that are needed, at a discounted rate and without membership fees! With Generations Family Dental’s Smile Savings program, members receive 20% off preventative dental care services tailored to protect and improve their individual dental health, as well as 15% off additional services.

Members receive 20% off procedures including:

• Comprehensive Exam

• Periodic Exam

• Prophylaxis

• Periodontal Maintenance

• Bite Wing X-Rays

• Panoramic X-Rays

• Fluoride Varnish

Members also receive 15% off additional services such as:

• PA X-Rays

• Fillings

• Crowns

• Bridges

• Implant Restoration

• Dentures

• Partials

• Root Canals

• Periodontal Treatments

• Oral Surgery

• Sealants

• Mouth Guards

COST OF ALL SERVICES ARE DUE IN FULL UPON ENROLLMENT. Enrollment date is the first date benefits are used. No substitutions. Included services and additional treatment discounts are for enrollee ONLY, benefits cannot be shared. No frequency limitation on included benefits. Included benefits must be used within 12 months of enrollment date. If all included benefits are not used within 12 months of enrollment, payment WILL NOT be refunded. PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE FOR ADDITIONAL TREATMENT.

Comfortable. Comprehensive. Customized.

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