Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery

The term “oral surgery” can cause many people to become afraid. However, most common dental procedures qualify as oral surgery being that it includes anything involving cutting into tissue. For example, something as simple as a tooth extraction is considered oral surgery.


Anyone who has had an extraction done before knows how routine and non-intimidating an extraction truly is. The process consists of a dentists simply giving the patient a shot of local anesthetic and removing the tooth. Complications are rare and any pain can be eased with over-the-counter remedies if need be. Our team at Generations Family Dental makes the process quick, easy, and painless.


Dental implants are another example of a non-frightening oral surgery. Similarly to extractions, a local anesthetic is applied so that the implant can be placed in your jaw. Then, the our experienced dentists will give you crown to replace the teeth you have lost.


Root canal treatment is another type of oral surgery. All your dentist has to do is go into your gums, clean out the infected root to ease your pain, and place a crown to protect the underlying structure.


Now that you understand the true harmless nature of “oral surgery”, you have no need to fear it. Oral surgeries are not invasive, do not require you to be put to sleep, and resolve your dental issues without any pain.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth have a variety of names, third molars, last molars, etc usually because they develop on the end side of the jaw. They usually emerge in the back of the mouth when a person is 16-20 years old.


When wisdom teeth are healthy and properly positioned, they can be a valuable asset to a person’s’ mouth, more often than not though they cause enough problems to require removal. Often times a patient’s jaw isn’t big enough to accommodate these teeth and they become impacted, which means they may grow sideways, or remain trapped between the jaw and bone.

IV Sedation

Our team at Generations Family Dental put your comfort first. Intravenous Sedation also known as IV Sedation, twilight sedation, and twilight sleep allows you to be calm and comfortable during dental procedures. This common form of sedation allows dental procedures to be performed while you are under the influence of a sedative drug given via an injection, easing any anxiety or discomfort during the procedure. Patients may not always be fully asleep, but they are comfortable, calm, and relaxed, drifting in an out of sleep – a “twilight sleep”.


Generation Family Dental’s IV sedation is administered and monitored by our experienced staff, therefore eliminating the costly expense of having your treatment carried out in an operating room or same-day surgical facility.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Our team at Generations Family Dental put your comfort first. Using nitrous oxide, also known as happy gas, laughing gas, and inhalation sedation, patients are temporarily calmed and sedated to prevent any feelings of anxiety or discomfort. Nitrous oxide eliminates any feelings of pain or angst from your dentistry experience. Even after your visit, our patients do not have to worry about any “hangover” effect as the gas is completely removed from the body only three to five minutes after we stop the gas supply. The clear odorless gas is administered comfortably through a hood over the patient’s nose by our experienced anesthesiologists who make sure the amount is catered to each individual patient’s needs.


Nitrous Oxide is an excellent solution if you have experienced one or more of the following:

  • Fear of dental care
  • Complex dental problems
  • Traumatic dental experiences
  • Fear of needles and shots
  • Sensitive teeth
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