Comfortable, Comprehensive and Customized.


Invisalign® is an innovative alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign® is a custom fit removable mouth tray, that work to align your teeth with a controlled amount of pressure. This new system has the same result as traditional braces, but are virtually invisible since they are not affixed to your teeth and can be taken out to eat, drink, brush and floss.


The Invisalign® system begins at our office with one of our dentist who will take a mold of the patient’s teeth that will be used to design the customized trays. Every two weeks the tray will be switched so patients can continue straightening the teeth even further. Every six weeks the patient will come back to the office, so our dentist can monitor the progress. Once the process is complete the patient will keep a retainer to maintain their smile.


The cost of Invisalign® is often higher than braces, but can vary depending on the complexity of each case. However, insurance policies generally cover Invisalign® to the same extent they cover traditional braces.

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Comfortable. Comprehensive. Customized.