Our Technology

Digital X-Rays

To make a diagnosis, doctors often refer to a black and white picture known as an x-ray. X-rays are made of focused beams of x-ray particles that are passed through bones to produce a white image on black film. Without an x-ray dentists would have no way of recognizing an infection or pathology or its course of treatment. At Generations Family Dental, we use digital radiography that allows us to take x-rays using up to 90% less radiation than conventional film x-rays. Using this technology, our dentists are able take a picture of your mouth by using a small sensor that records an image that can be used to better diagnose each patient and the treatment for every case.

Electronic Claims

Instead of sending your dental claim through the mail, our office electronically sends it to your insurance company. With just a click of a button, our patients benefit from a fast turn around on claims and fewer claims denied or returned. By electronically filing your claim, our clients information is submitted more efficiently and with fewer errors.

Telescopic Loupes

Surgical telescopes are glasses that are worn by our dentists to enhance the fine details that aren’t adequately shown without them. These glasses are used to maximize our patients experience by providing them with the best dental experience possible.

Intraoral Camera

Our office uses intraoral cameras as an additional way to examine the condition of your mouth in as much detail as possible. Intraoral cameras are small, pen like cameras that allow our dentists to find small diseased areas, worn metal fillings, cracks, and chips with immense accuracy. The advanced technology sends the full-color images to a computer where the dentists analyze and diagnose any dental problems earlier than with traditional dental technology. Our patients are also able to visualize the areas being worked on, which allows for better understanding of the dental procedures being performed. We want our patients to have complete understanding of their condition and intraoral cameras allow for complete transparency.

Paperless Charting

Our office utilizes technology to chart dental records electronically. This eliminates the frequent errors made with traditional charting like unclear written information making it difficult to understand patient information. We provide the most accurate and precise information to our patients and to other health care providers when necessary. Our patients never have to worry if there information is inaccurate or lost with the help of our digital charting method.

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